A lot of people play games

A lot of people play games and have wallpapers. It's a really good way to spend your time. Some games are educational and some games are just for fun. There are a lot of different games like sport games, multiplayer games, shooters, role playing games and many more. A popular online role playing multiplayer game is League of Legends. Its's released on 27 oktober 2009 and it looks a little bit like Warcraft III. Many people over the world are playing this game and they also have a wallpaper of that game. Also a lot of people play sport games 2 of the most common sport games are PES and FIFA. Nintendo has more different games than the other game consoles such like mario, donkey kong, and all the other nintendo creatures we know. Minecraft is a computer game from 2011. Here you can place cubes -shaped objects in a vast area on a grid. The game automatically builds an environment of raw materials, enemies , animals, tunnel systems , mountain ranges and lakes. The player has a personal avatar, which he can actively adapt to the environment. If you play games make sure you not get addicted to it cause it's not so healthy to game non stop for hours.

The most promising games

There are many wallpapers to buy, however there a few games everyone wants. For example World of Warcraft a very popular MMORPG which millions of people play this game in HD. This is not a normal game you can buy and then play unlimited. You need to pay a fee each month in order to play. Another game is Destiny. This is a regular game you can buy for your Play Station or XBOX. Unlike World of Warcraft you can buy this game and then play it unlimited.